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City of Greater Dandenong Animal Management

City of Greater Dandenong Animal Management

Animal Microchipping

Being able to identify your pet is very important in ensuring the quick and safe return to you if it gets lost. When Council collects a pet that is lost they make the best effort to return it straight to back to the owner rather than taking it to an animal shelter and microchips aid this process. 

Microchips are implanted under you pet's skin. They are encoded with an identification number which can be read by scanners. If your pet loses its collar and tag, council's residential amenity officers will still be able to find out where it comes from and contact you. 

All cats or dogs registered with a Council for the first time must be microchipped prior to registration.

How to get your pet microchipped

Most veterinary clinics are able to implant microchips.

When the identity chip is implanted, you will have a unique ID number assigned to you and your ownership details will be maintained at a central animal registry.

If you change your address, or take ownership of a animal with a previous owner, make sure you contact Central Animal Records immediately to have your pet's information updated.

Central Animal Records Pty Ltd
22 Fiveways Blvd, Keysborough
Ph: 9706 3187
Fax: 9706 3198