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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

Pest Plants in Greater Dandenong

Pest plants (also known as weeds) are plants growing where they are not wanted. This may include in bushland, wetlands, creek sides and home gardens. In Australia, over 76% of introduced weeds began as ornamentals. Weeds compete with native plant species for light, nutrients, water, space and pollinators, reducing the chances of native species establishing.

When weeds take over from native species the biodiversity is reduced, impacting on the whole ecosystem. Habitat for native fauna, such as nesting sites, food and shelter are all reduced.

Weeds cost the Victorian economy over $900 million each year. The City of Greater Dandenong’s Parks Team works to control weeds within Council’s bushland reserves, parks and road sides.

How you can help

School groups and community environmental groups can help the City of Greater Dandenong in the battle against weeds by participating in working bees and revegetation activities. See our schools environmental education program and our environmental events for more information.

Residents can also help by ensuring they remove noxious weeds from their properties.

A local weed identification guide has been produced through the combined efforts of Casey, Cardinia and Greater Dandenong councils. It is a quick and easy reference to 90 weeds, including a coloured picture, information on the weed and how to control it. If you would like a copy contact Council.

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