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Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation


Walking is a great form of transport, exercise and leisure.  It is simple, inexpensive, achievable and easy. There are many great health benefits as regular walking can reduce the risk of health disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and some types of cancer.  Regular walking is also a great way for reducing stress, increasing energy levels and stimulating the mind. 

The Greater Dandenong Walking Strategy has been developed with the aim to increase the number of people walking by activating places, spaces and people through increased promotion, as well as increased access and opportunity to walk.

Council walking paths

There are numerous walking and shared paths within the municipality that provide connectivity to shopping centres, schools and residential areas.


Council walking tours

The City of Greater Dandenong runs a number of cultural and food tours that give you the opportunity to explore some our cultural precincts on foot.

Little India cultural tour
Afghan Bazaar cultural tour
Sensational Springvale cultural tour

Alex Wilkie Nature Reserve also offers guided walking tours, where they describe the natural fauna and flora of the local environment.

Active Travel

The City of Greater Dandenong encourages schools, early years and workplaces to promote active travel.  Active travel means getting to your destination through any active means such as walking or cycling.  Active travel improves physical and mental wellbeing, reduces congestion and improves community safety. 

The City of Greater Dandenong endorses the following initiatives and can offer additional support and incentives to schools, services and workplaces who want to get involved:


Walk to School

Walk to School VicHealth

Smart Steps for Schools


National Walk Safely To School Day


Smart Steps for Business


You can find out about the benefits of active travel by viewing the Walk to School Greater Dandenong video.