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Contractor registration and pre-qualification scheme

Contractors wishing to tender or quote for works for the City of Greater Dandenong within certain value limits may have to be registered and pre-qualified to do so. Contractors are registered and pre-qualified on an annual basis and must apply each year to have that registration and pre-qualification renewed.

The aims of the contractor registration and pre-qualification scheme are to:

  • Classify contractors commensurate with their quality, safety and environmental management systems, technical and resource capability, financial position and overall past performance
  • Streamline the process of tender preparation, submission and evaluation by significantly reducing the amount of information to be provided in the tender response
  • Provide a degree of protection to both the City of Greater Dandenong and contractors against over-commitment

Greater Dandenong engages a third-party called Ipro Solutions Pty Ltd to collect, manage and report for the scheme through their on-line 24/7 system called IPRO LIVE.

All contractors wishing to register for the scheme must register through Ipro LiVe, pay the prescribed fee and become fully compliant with the Greater Dandenong prequalification requirements prior to commencement of works if the tender document specifies this requirement. Refer to the tender document to confirm if registration is required.

The annual fee is $154 including GST. Register at

For more information contact Council.

Contractor induction for non-IPro Live users

All persons providing a service for council under contract (outside of the Ipro Live system) or through arrangements whereby persons will be onsite at a council facility providing a physical service are required to complete a contractor online induction.

Examples of people required to undertake a contractor online induction

  • Contractors not signed up to Ipro Live
  • Consultants who may be unescorted on site
  • Trainers coming on site to perform training sessions to staff
  • Suppliers of goods and services within facilities i.e first aid suppliers, electrical testing & tagging providers etc
  • Couriers who work within council facilities and travel into other council facilities

Examples of people not required to undertake a contractor online induction

  • Delivery personnel dropping off stationery and catering etc
  • Visitors attending the site accompanied by a staff member

How to complete the contractor induction

People required to complete the contractor induction need to go to the website at and select the function Sign in to.. at the top right and then select the option Undertake an Induction.

Enter the employer number 909100882, which is the number for the City of Greater Dandenong.

The following instructions will guide you through the process, which takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Please note:
Ipro Live is an electronic system database that is able to manage, monitor and verify contractor compliance once they have successfully tendered for works within council. Part of the system requires all contractors and their employees to complete an online induction for the City of Greater Dandenong prior to commencing work. There are some situations where service providers are not captured within this system and need to complete a basic general induction into the City of Greater Dandenong.