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Arts in Greater Dandenong

Arts in Greater Dandenong

Eslimi by Kosar Majani

Thomas Street multi-deck car park, rooftop, 50 Thomas Street, Dandenong

Persian artist Kosar Majani's work focuses on pattern as a way of reflecting on culture and history in two countries. The over sized patterns are opportunistically placed in the windows of the roof top lift well. Illuminated at night, they are visible from the street both day and night.

Ideas of arrangement, repetition, math, order, literal, subtlety and complexity are explored in most of Kosar's art works. The artist has taken inspiration from the local Afghan Bazaar cultural precinct to create a fusion of Persian patterns in a modern day setting.

Viewers are invited to travel through the history of Persia and experience Persian culture by looking at the art work while tasting traditional food.