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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Planning Forms and Fees

Planning fees and charges

Prescribed fees

The planning and subdivision fees (PDF - 144KB) are prescribed under the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016 and Subdivision (Fees) Regulations 2016 and are not set by Council.

These fees relate to planning permit applications, subdivision applications, planning scheme amendment requests, and other statutory services. These fees are revised each financial year.

Visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) website for more information on prescribed planning fees.

Council charges for planning considerations and services

The schedule of fees for considerations and services (PDF - 172KB) is set by the City of Greater Dandenong.

These fees relate to planning services provided by Council, including requests for written advice, copies of planning permits and related documents, amendment to endorsed plans, extension of time for a planning permit, and the Priority Paid service. These fees are revised each financial year.

Contact us if you are unsure which fee is applicable to you. 

Planning forms

Planning permit application forms

Application for a planning permit (PDF - 840KB)
Use this form when a planning permit is required to use and/or develop land - fees apply.

Application to amend a planning permit (PDF - 902KB)
Use this form to make an amendment to an existing permit which may alter the use and/or development allowed by the permit - fees apply.

Other forms

Amendment to planning application request (PDF - 49.3KB)
Use this form to amend a planning permit application where a decision on the application has not yet been made by the Responsible Authority - fees may apply.

Application for certificate of compliance (PDF - 82.5 KB)
Use this form to apply for a certificate stating that an existing use or development of land complies with the requirements of the planning scheme, or that a proposed use or development (or part of a proposed use or development) would comply with the requirements of the planning scheme – fees apply.

Application for consent – amending plans (PDF - 174 KB)
Use this form to apply for minor amendments to endorsed plans (also known as 'Secondary Consent') - fees apply.

Application for copy of planning documents or written planning advice (PDF - 184KB)
Use this form to request a copy of a planning document including a permit and/or endorsed plans or obtain written advice on a planning matter – fees apply.

Application for extension of time to a planning permit (PDF - 175 KB)
Use this form to apply for an extension of time in which to commence or complete a development and/or use allowed by an existing planning permit - fees apply.

Request to endorse plans as per condition of planning permit (PDF - 55.7 KB)
Use this form to submit plans for endorsement only when changes have been made in accordance with a condition of a planning permit.

Objection to planning application (PDF - 63 KB)
Use this form to object to a planning permit application being advertised if you believe that you may be affected by the granting of the permit.

Pre-application discussion service request (PDF - 188KB)
Use this form to request a pre-application meeting to discuss a planning proposal - fees apply.

Significant tree nomination (PDF - 121 KB)
Use this form to advise Council of a tree that is exceptionally old, large or unique, culturally significant or is a rare or exotic species. More information on the Significant Tree Register