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Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability Strategy

We’re working with our local community, both residents and businesses, to make the City of Greater Dandenong one of the most sustainable cities in Australia by 2030.

The City of Greater Dandenong is a city of opportunity with a vibrant economy and one of the most culturally diverse communities in Australia. Much of what makes our city such a great place to work live and play is underpinned by the health of our environment and the value it brings to the municipality and its community.

The Sustainability Strategy 2016-30 maps out the goals, objectives and key priorities that will ensure a sustainable future for the Greater Dandenong. Council has undertake extensive community consultation to help point us in the right direction with the Draft Strategy. 

Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy Towards an environmentally sustainable city 2016-2030

Download the Sustainability Strategy 2016-30 (PDF - 2.95KB)

Please contact Council if you require this document in an alternative format.