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Local Area Traffic Management

Road safety treatments such as roundabouts, speed humps and road narrowings are called Local Area Traffic Management measures.  Council installs Local Area Traffic Management measures where appropriate to deal with road safety issues, such as speeding or poor visibility.

Council has a limited budget to deliver these treatments, so potential road safety measures are prioritised based on the level of risk to road users. This level of risk is calculated using the following data which is gathered at sites where a road safety issue is identified:

  • Traffic volume
  • Whether 85 per cent of vehicles travel at or below the speed limit
  • The percentage of heavy vehicles using the street
  • Activity generators in the area, such as education and leisure facilities
  • The accident history at the site over the past five years
  • The intended function of the road (i.e. whether the road is a local street, or a street between local streets and arterial roads)

The areas with the highest levels of risk to road users are prioritised.

Recent traffic management measures which have been installed using this process have included:

  • Speed cushions on Bellbrook Drive, Dandenong North
  • Modified intersections on Somerset Drive, Dandenong North
  • Threshold treatments on Popes Road, Keysborough 
  • Roundabouts on Dunblane Road, Noble Park
  • A roundabout at the intersection of Jones Road and Rylands Road, Dandenong
  • Intersection treatments on Bundeena Avenue, Noble Park

If you have further queries regarding this process or wish to report a road safety issue, please contact Council.