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Ask a question at a Council Meeting

Question Time at Council meetings provides an opportunity for members of the public in the gallery to address questions to the councillors and/or officers of the City of Greater Dandenong. Questions must comply with clause 33 of Council’s current Meeting Procedure Local Law (PDF - 747KB).

To ask a question either complete the online form below, download the question time form (PDF - 41KB and bring it to the meeting, or fill in a form on the night of the meeting (hard copies must be submitted before 7.15pm into the box provided at the meeting).

Question time conditions

Please refer to Council's Meeting Procedure Local Law (PDF - 747KB) for full requirements.

  1. Questions are limited to a maximum of three (3) questions per individual and a maximum of 300 words per question including the preamble.
  2. Questions will be read aloud and in most cases an answer will be given on the spot. However, sometimes a councillor/officer may indicate that they require further time to research an answer. In this case the answer will be made in writing to the person who asked the question and may also appear in the Question Time Responses section at under Council - Council Meetings.
  3. Questions will be answered unless the Chairperson and/or Chief Executive Officer has determined that the relevant question relates to:
    • personnel matters
    • the personal hardship of any resident or ratepayers
    • industrial matters
    • contractual matters
    • proposed developments
    • legal advice
    • matters affecting the security of Council property
    • any other matter which Council considers would prejudice the Council or any person
    • a matter which may disadvantage Council or any person
    • a matter in respect of which Council has no power to act
    • a question that is defamatory, indecent, abusive or objectionable in language or substance and is asked to embarrass a Councillor or Council officer
    • a question that is repetitive of a question already answered (whether at the same or an earlier meeting)
No debate or discussion of a question or an answer shall be permitted other than for the purposes of clarification.

Every question will receive a written reply, even if it is answered at the meeting.

Ask a question at a council meeting online form

Council meeting questions submitted online must be submitted by 12pm on the day of the Council meeting.

The information contained in this form is collected by the City of Greater Dandenong to respond to your question. Every question will receive a written reply, even if it is answered at the meeting. Your name, suburb and question may be read out at the Council meeting and recorded in the Council meeting Minutes, but we will not sell or give away your personal information, unless required by law.



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