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Burden Park District Playground Redevelopment

The Burden Park playground in Springvale South offers a unique adventure castle play experience in the city.  The district scale playground has a rich community history, as residents, community groups and local schools were heavily involved in the establishment of the timber playground in 1994. 

During 2012, Council prepared a concept plan to guide the future redevelopment of the Burden Park playground.  To harness the energy that went into creating the original playground, Council sought to include the community in the process of re-visioning the Burden Park play space which will enable the playground to continue to be a great facility for children of varied ages and abilities and the community to use. 

Burden Park Playground’s existing playground is loved and treasured by the community for the following reasons:

  • The range of play activities available
  • The size and scale of the playground
  • It's unique castle structure – creates a “fantasy world"
  • It was a community driven project and has a strong legacy
  • It is a social hub and gathering space for the community

Feedback from the community was crucial in shaping the development of the Burden Park Playground Concept Plan 2012. 

Key elements of the design

The key elements that were built into the playground design to enhance the existing timber castle structure and expand the area for playground activities included:

  • Refurbishing the appearance of the existing timber structure and installing new vibrant orange roof turrets
  • Improving the existing play equipment on the timber structure with new slides, sandpit and swings
  • Improving access to and within the playground
  • Constructing a new maze at the playground entrance which uses the refurbished ‘named’ pickets that identifies community members who helped establish the original 1994 timber playground   
  • Taking advantage of the embankment for play
  • Expanding the variety of playground equipment to include a cable way, spinners and rope structure
  • Expanding the picnic facilities and providing more seating and shade
  • Incorporating adult and youth activities

Project stages

Stage One of the upgrade has recently been completed with the refurbishment and enhancement of the timber castle structure.  Highlights include the new turret roofs and the timber picket maze.

Stage two of the Burden Park playground redevelopment in 2013 will see the expansion of the playground area with the addition of new play equipment and further path and landscape improvements to integrate the timber castle structure with the adjoining new playground zone.

Future funding opportunities will enable the final stages of the Burden Park playground to be realised.


Download Burden Park playground concept design - aerial view (PDF - 618KB)

Download Burden Park playground concept design - outline of stages and features (PDF - 6.7MB)