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Parking Ticket Machines and Fees

In addition to managing on-street parking, Council also owns and operates a number of off-street car parks across the municipality, including four multi level facilities. The payment of a fee to park is required in parts of Dandenong and Springvale, as well as in most off-street car parks.

Fee payment is only required at certain times of day, and in some cases, only on certain days of the week. Parking signs in each location tell you if there is a time limit and payment of a fee required.

For on-street locations, signs will be displayed regularly along the length of street. Parking ticket machines also display restrictions and parking fees. Remember, even if you keep purchasing parking tickets, you are not allowed to remain parked longer than the time limit indicated on the signs.

There are large signs at the entrances to every off-street car park indicting if fess apply and time restrictions applying to that car park. 

If you find that a ticket machine is faulty, there is usually another machine nearby which can provide you a ticket. Machine and meter faults can be reported to Council by calling 8571 1000.

Parking fees

The parking fees in our main parking areas are as follows:


  • Dandenong Market: 50c per hour; $1 for 3 hours
  • On-street parking: $1.80 per hour
  • Off-street car parks: $1.50 per hour; $9.60 per day
  • Oldham Lane Car Park: $9.60 all day
  • Hemmings and Rodd Streets car parks: $1.50 per hour; $4.20 per day (must pay before 8:30am); $9.60 per day(if paid after 8:30am)
  • Thomas Street South car park (cnr Londsale Street) $0.60 per hour; $4.20 per day

Please note: tickets purchased in off-street car parks are not valid in on-street parking areas.

View central Dandenong car park map (PDF - 209KB)

Dandenong Civic Centre basement car park

The Dandenong Civic Centre, located at 225 Lonsdale Street Dandenong, has a basement car park which is a public parking space. The basement car park is used to meet the needs of:

  • customers and visitors to the Civic Centre, including those with disabilities
  • Contractors (trades) undertaking work within the building
  • Deliveries/collections to/from the building
  • Councillors attending to their duties

The car park is open every day during library hours and has a two hour time limit for visitors. Parking in this car park is free.

To meet the needs of the broad range of users, there are a number of bays within the car park that are reserved for particular types of vehicles only. Those bays are set aside for use by trades and contractors performing works at the Civic Centre, councillors and people with disability access permits. Penalties apply for parking in those bays without proper authorisation.

The basement car park can accessed via Dunbar Lane off Thomas Street, or via Kinsgbury Lane off Foster Street in Dandenong.


Multi-deck car parks

For the fees and opening hours of our Thomas Street, Walker Street (Dandenong) and 'number 8' Balmoral Avenue (Springvale) multi-deck car parks see the multi-deck car parks page.


Parking during public holidays

Road Rule 318 specifies that parking signs with days of the week listed on them don’t apply on public holidays.

Council has chosen to apply this to Rule to all time restriction signs throughout the central activity districts within Dandenong, Noble Park and Springvale. Parking time restrictions (shown on green signs) therefore do not apply in these areas on public holidays. Parking is also free on these days.