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Dandenong Park Precinct Master Plan

Dandenong Park is a major district park of approximately 17 hectares. The park was established over a century ago and is historically important to the city, being an important arrival gateway to central Dandenong. Its location relative to the Dandenong Creek is one of its key features. Dandenong Park includes Shepley Oval, the centrepiece of Dandenong Park's sports facilities and has its own historical significance within the City. In 1874, the football and cricket clubs were established. The historical area of the park is home to many large community gatherings, ranging from family BBQs and Christmas Carols at the Sound Shell outdoor stage to community festivals.

Dandenong Park Precinct Master Plan

The Dandenong Park Precinct Master Plan (July 2007) was commissioned by the City of Greater Dandenong to establish a vision for the Dandenong Park area as an integral part of the Revitalising Central Dandenong project being undertaken by Places Victoria and the City of Greater Dandenong. From 2006-07, Council undertook extensive community consultation about this park, which led to the development of the master plan.

The plan develops a vision that responds to the developing urban condition and density of Dandenong’s city centre and also consolidates all previous investigations that have been conducted on the Park.  The Master Plan aims to define how the Dandenong Park can realise its potential as a multi-purpose open space area that enables a broad range of passive and active recreational pursuits, is fully integrated with Dandenong’s city centre and surrounding residential areas, and is well used by the diverse community of the municipality.  There is significant potential to redevelop Dandenong Park, and its associated parklands, into a showpiece of quality, innovative and practical design.  The design and quality of public open space, particularly in a key commercial centre such as Dandenong, is critically important to contributing to the perception of the place.  The redevelopment of Dandenong Park can play a key role in the revitalisation of Dandenong into a more desirable place to live, work and visit.

Download Dandenong Park Master Plan (PDF - 8MB)

Download Dandenong Park Master Plan map (PDF - 4.7MB)

Resolution of Council from ordinary council meeting date to adopt Dandenong Park Master Plan (PDF - 12KB)

Dandenong Park riverside precinct district playground and picnic and public gathering space

The Dandenong Park regional playground and picnic and public gathering space, located within the Riverside Precinct, next to the Dandenong Creek and Lonsdale Street was officially opened on 4 August 2012.  The new district playground and community picnic area is a key master plan and design initiative for the Riverside Precinct, providing a new attraction and transforming the area abutting the Dandenong Creek into a highly usable and visible place for the community. 

The new playground has transformed the precinct into a highly usable, cultural, memorable and fun space for the community and caters for children of a broad range of ages and abilities.  The City of Greater Dandenong is committed to providing a diverse range of quality, fun, accessible and exceptionally designed playgrounds. The City’s playgrounds provide opportunities for unstructured play, which is essential for children’s physical, social and emotional development.  Playgrounds can also serve as community focal points, facilitating social interaction and inclusion, thereby enhancing community wellbeing.

The longer term vision for the riverside precinct is to implement the interpretive signage for Dandenong Park and establish synergies with the historical interpretation components of the precinct, including the former RSL Drill Hall on the playground site, aboriginal heritage, the environmental history and the historical pre settlement alignment of the Dandenong Creek. 

Future funding opportunities will enable the staged implementation of additional infrastructure and amenities such as the expanded car park, toilets and the stage 2 expansion of the playground for older children.