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Parking, Roads and Transport

Melbourne Water Future Strategy

Melbourne’s Water Future is the Victorian Government metropolitan strategy that will guide the city’s water cycle management for the next 40 years. It is a strategy that aims to reduce the demand on our drinking water supplies, by promoting a more integrated water management approach.

About Melbourne’s Water Future

Melbourne’s Water Future is designed to:

  • reduce consumption of drinking water and improve water use efficiency 
  • increase the use of alternate ‘fit-for-purpose’ sources of water by the community, water authorities and councils 
  • improve the health of local waterways and the bay
  • encourage community engagement in whole-of-water-cycle management.

This strategy will be supported by the new Water Bill, which is to be introduced into Parliament mid-2014.

Some of the key changes in the proposed bill, such as the recognition of Council as a drainage authority and the right of Council to extract and re-distribute stormwater from its assets, will assist Council promoting the methods by which water can be conserved or safely re-used within its community.

To find out more and download the Melbourne’s Water Future document at

What is Council already doing?  

Council can have a significant impact on water use, through its own operations and by encouraging the community to be more water wise.

Initiatives taken by Council in recent years already align with the objectives of Melbourne’s Water Future.

Council’s strategic approach to sustainable water use has resulted in the development of a number of specific strategies and plans, including:

Council has also undertaken and initiated a number of on-ground projects in recent years to reduce Council’s water consumption, including:

Noble Park Aquatic Centre redevelopment
This project included the conversion of the old pool shell into a 700 million litres of rainwater tank.

Tatterson Park stormwater harvesting project (pictured below)
Council has received funding from Melbourne Water’s Living Rivers grant program to implement a project to harvest up to 30 million litres of stormwater from residential areas for the irrigation of nearby playing fields and surrounds. 


What can you do?

Capturing rainwater

More rain falls on Melbourne than we use from our dams. From a simple downpipe diverter to water tanks, there are lots of easy ways we can use the rainwater that falls on our roof.

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