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Food Premises Application Kit

Council's Food Premises Kit provides detailed information and documents to assist you with starting a new food premises.

Food Premises Kit Contents


Application Form

It is important that this application form is submitted with two copies of the floor plan, indicating the layout and fit out details.  

If the documentation is incomplete or requires additional work, the application will be returned until it is completed correctly.

Application for Registration of a Fixed Food Premises (Word - 218KB)

See application form for current fees.


Council Environmental Health Officers can inspect the premises during the fit-out. If you would like to organise an inspection please contact the Public Health Unit.

Food safety program

Under the Food Act 1984 all Class 1 and Class 2 food businesses must have a food safety program. Class 2 food businesses can use the link below for a free food safety program template.

Download the Department of Health and Human Services online template


Council's FoodStart program provides new food businesses with visual information regarding food safety and food safety requirements and helps you create your food safety program.

Get started on the FoodStart program

If you prefer a CD version of the FoodStart program, Contact Council's Environmental Health Department to request a copy.