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Greater Dandenong Walking Strategy 2015-19

Greater Dandenong Walking Strategy 2015-19

Walking Strategy

Walking is the most popular form of recreation in both Victoria and Greater Dandenong. Connecting people with places, walking is an activity that almost everyone is able to participate in. 

The Greater Dandenong Walking Strategy has been developed with the aim to increase the number of people walking by activating places, spaces and people through increased promotion, as well as increased access and opportunity to walk.

Download Greater Dandenong Walking Strategy 2015-23 (PDF - 3.71MB)

Download Greater Dandenong Walking Strategy summary document (PDF - 421KB)

Development and consultation

Throughout the development of the Greater Dandenong Walking Strategy Council consulted with the community through paper based surveys, flyers, community conversations and events.

Council also consulted using CrowdSpot - an innovative visual consultation tool that enabled the community to have their say online through sharing comments on an interactive map on specific walking locations in Greater Dandenong.

Most recently, Council invited stakeholders and interested residents to provide feedback on the draft Walking Strategy. 

All of these comments and feedback were used to develop the themes and actions that form the Greater Dandenong Walking Strategy.