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Keysborough South Community Hub

Council and the project team would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the Keysborough South Community Hub project and taken the time to provide their ideas and feedback.

Since November 2014, the face-to-face meetings we've had with residents from the Keysborough South area, as well as online engagement, through OurSay, the Facebook group and online surveys, have provided valuable feedback.

What you have told us

Planisphere, working with Brand Architects, was engaged by the City of Greater Dandenong to hear from residents in the Keysborough South area about what is needed in a future community hub, and to talk about the need for schools in the area.

Keysborough South Community Hub project - Final Report, April 2016 (PDF - 19.9MB)

Keysborough South Community Hub - Engagement Report, April 2016 (PDF - 9MB)

The Keysborough South area

You may have participated in a Keysborough South Community Hub survey that was run in November and December 2015. In that survey, Council wanted to know your views on where the hub should be located, what services are required and the need for a new school. You may have also participated in Focus Group meetings held throughout November 2015.

Your feedback told us that there is a need for the following:

  • A government primary school in Keysborough South
  • A government secondary school in Keysborough South
  • Child care centres in the area
  • Distances travelled to access education and child care services by current residents (key destinations were Dingley, Springvale, Noble Park and Dandenong)
  • The need for better public transport in the area (key focus on buses)
  • Support for meeting rooms and office spaces in the community hub
  • Concern about pedestrian safety around main roads (Dingley, Cheltenham, Springvale) as a barrier to accessing community facilities
  • Support for co-locating community services on a school site such as child care, sports facilities and a library services.

The draft concept plans

To find out how you felt about the draft concept plans for the community hub, a reference group meeting was held and a new survey was distributed in February 2016.

At the reference group meeting, community members were involved in detailed conversations to provide input to some draft concept designs for the Keysborough South Community Hub. Emphasis was placed on specific design solutions that were developed by Brand Architects in response to the feedback received, as well as in response to Council’s earlier OurSay online forum.

The main feedback from the reference group meeting, Facebook discussions and draft concept plan survey was:

  • Community preference that the Council be actively involved with managing the Community Hub
  • Comments on the layout of the draft concept plans, including support for the community kitchen and cafe
  • Youth spaces (eg a basketball court, all ages playground and places for young people to meet up)
  • Facilities to run various programs and workshops, such as art classes
  • Further discussion required about the size of the playground and outdoor area for childcare
  • Support for the building being designed using Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and green star energy ratings/principles
  • Discussion about the cafe being as prominently located as possible to make sure it has the best chance to be a successful business
  • Concern that the building be accessible for those with limited mobility and prams.
  • Outdoor and indoor spaces should be flexible, accessible and welcoming,
  • Space for a community garden and kitchen
  • Outdoor exercise equipment


The Facebook group has been very popular and currently has approximately 240 members. We have been using it to disseminate information regarding upcoming events and publicising the project website, survey and project team contacts. Many residents have been actively participating in discussion and ‘liking’ posts.

Strength of the online engagement on Facebook so far has been in collecting comments about the types of services people would like to see in the community hub. For example:

  • Meeting rooms and office spaces for people working from home
  • Cafes and small retail areas that help create a meeting place and character
  • Health and wellbeing facilities

Ongoing discussion on the page and continued updates from the project team which are scheduled throughout the project will ensure the richness of online conversation is captured to inform the current and upcoming stages of the project.

Join the conversation

There are plenty of ways to get involved with this project and we want to hear from you.


Don’t forget you can always or get in touch with the City of Greater Dandenong on 8571 1000, or at 

Keysborough South State Government funding announcement

Council, together with key community stakeholders including the Keysborough South Residents Group, have been lobbying for a number of years for accessible education in the Keysborough South area.

The Victorian Government announcement that funds have been set aside for the purchase of land is a welcome one.

Greater Dandenong Leader article regarding funding announcement

View the Mayor Heang Tak's statement regarding announcement


Background information - previous consultations

Over 250 people participated in the consultation conducted in early 2015. Council received approximately 2579 responses to questions related to the hub. Feedback was received via the OurSay online forum, as well as face to face surveys at Parkmore Shopping Centre, Keysborough Masters, Keysborough Bunnings and the Dandenong and Springvale libraries.

What you said

All consultation activities were aimed at informing the planning for the Keysborough South community hub and have emphasised a need for the following facilities and programs within the hub:


  • Flexible meeting spaces
  • A community garden
  • Outdoor play areas
  • A café
  • Computer facilities
  • Community kitchen


  • Early years services such as kindergartens, child care, maternal child health, immunisation services and playgroups
  • Activities for Young People
  • Library and education based services
  • Physical activity programs


Detailed summary of consultation findings




Program and services that people are likely to use at the hub Meeting rooms and recreational spaces 151
Kindergarten 100
Community kitchen 72
Community garden 133
Outdoor meeting space and/or a café with healthy food options  142
Computer facilities 112
Child care 115
Playgroup 114
Maternal and child health services 106
Immunisations 110
Provided outside of work hours 105
Youth programs    11
Library services 9
Toy library 3
Physical activity/gym venue 21
Schools 5
Shops 11
Health services 4
Factors that would contribute people using the hub Accessible transport 169
Accessible parking 208
Located near a school 8
Access to nearby shops 128
Located next to outdoor space eg park or playground 106
Located near a café 107
Affordable facilities and programs 160
Availability of interpreters and translated material 71
Wheelchair, scooter and pram accessible building with toilet 127
Breastfeeding room and baby change facilities 80
Accessible paths and building access 4
Better roads 1
Total responses 2579

Service providers

From late-April to mid-May 2015, Council also invited service providers in the Keysborough area to discuss the consultation findings and provide additional feedback.

Service providers who contacted Council expressed their support for the development of the hub and are interested in providing further information on design and programming in the future.


Draft Keysborough South Community Hub Concept Plans

We presented draft concept plan options for the Keysborough South Community Hub to the community in November 2015. The community provided feedback on this via a survey, reference group meetings and Facebook discussions.

What's next?

Council is in the process of  identifying a suitable site. Once a site has been chosen, the detailed design process for the community hub can start and further information will be available on this website.

In the meantime, if you would like further information, please feel free to contact us.