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Work. Shop. Play.

Work. Shop. Play.

Work. Shop. Play. Food Clubs

Dandy Food Clubs are office food clubs, where groups of people plan meals together to share on designated days during their lunch hour at work, or after work for dinner. It’s an easy way to eat great food for lunch, socialise, extend your lunch break (no driving or searching for parking spots necessary), and maybe even save a few dollars.

By working together, Dandy Food Club members can increase their accessibility to food options available in the local area. Central Dandenong has a wide variety of food on offer, so why not start a Dandy Food Club in your office and start exploring?

How to start your own Dandy Food Club

Step 1: consider a venue

Where will you hold your food club?

  • Internal – kitchen/lunch room
  • External – local eateries or parks and gardens

Step 2: recruit your members

Who will be in your food club?

  • People from your department, office wide, or include other offices
  • Consider intent of your club’s experience. Is it to socialise, celebrate, network, explore?

Step 3: determine what’s for lunch

What does the club want to eat?

  • How much will it cost?
  • Type of cuisine?
  • Consider food allergies or preferences (vegetarian etc.)

Step 4: determine when

When are members available?

  • All members may not be available at the same time
  • Food can be ‘help yourself’ over a long period, or all dine together
  • Express lunch or long lunch?
  • Do you want to hold food club weekly, monthly etc.? 

Step 5: build local relationships

Where can your club find support?

  • Get to know the local area. Find businesses that can cater to your needs.
  • Talk with traders and ask how they can assist your club.

Step 6: be adventurous and have fun!

How can you push the boundaries?

  • Central Dandenong is the world on your door step, so why not explore!
  • Keep exploring and be determined to find what works for your club.
  • Try different ways of running your food club. Try holding lunches, breakfasts and dinners.