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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

Climate and Energy

Our climate and weather affects our community's health, economy and environment. We're looking to build a low-emission city that is resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Our challenges

  • A changing climate
    Our weather is the future is expected to see warmer temperatures, more droughts and a decrease in average rainfall. We can also expect increase in heavy rainfall events, heatwaves and extreme fire days.

  • Increase in drought and heatwaves
    Affects on our parks, gardens and trees.

  • Increased pressure on our water supplies
    As a result of warmer temperatures and lower rainfall.

  • Increase wind and storm events
    Expected to result in increase damage to property and life.

  • Increase damage to roads and properties
    As a result of heatwaves, droughts and floods.

  • Increase in heatwave events
    Expected to increase hear-related health risks for the aged and vulnerable.

  • Higher food prices
    As result of high temperatures and less rain affecting our farms.

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