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Digital Strategy 2016-20

The Greater Dandenong Digital Strategy 2016-20 will work to ensure that Council:

  • provides the best possible services and opportunities to the community and businesses
  • takes advantage of new technologies with a focus on delivering efficiencies internally and externally
  • uses digital technologies and online tools to connect with the community in meaningful ways
  • progresses digital initiatives across the entire municipality.

This strategy outlines the digital future that Greater Dandenong could achieve through a set of digital goals and initiatives. The strategy aims to provide a coordinated approach to the various digital activities and initiatives possible at the City of Greater Dandenong.

The strategy covers a four year time frame and will be reviewed and implemented via annual action plans separate to this document.

The Digital Strategy is built on five digital pillars:

  • Access: optimise and enhance digital infrastructure and physical assets
  • Empowerment: provide digital training and support to stakeholders
  • Engagement: increase stakeholder engagement through the appropriate tools
  • Services: improve service delivery through online transactions
  • Leadership: establish leadership and governance on digital opportunities

Download the Digital Strategy 2016-20 (PDF - 768KB)

Year one progress report

The City of Greater Dandenong has completed a report on what was achieved in year one of the Digital Strategy.

Download Digital Strategy year one progress report (Word - 574KB)