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Arts in Greater Dandenong

Arts in Greater Dandenong

Harmony Tree by Jasmine Grace

With more than 700 small bells of different sizes Harmony Tree by artist Jasmine Grace, provides an immersive sound installation on two trees on Douglas Street, Noble Park. Hear the bells ringing as they are activated by the blowing of the wind singing a song of unity amongst diversity and creating a gathering place of peace, respect and celebration of multiculturalism within the community.

The installation is a harmonious sound installation of bells that creates a song of unity when activated by the blowing of the wind. Bells are one of the oldest percussion instruments, having strong historic and cultural value from across the globe for religious ceremonies, music and cultural events. Harmony Tree aims to create a gathering place of peace, respect and celebration of diversity among the community. 

People are encouraged to sit beneath the trees and listen to the sounds of various bells singing in the wind. The project aims to promote the value of public space and community engagement during a time of transformation for Noble Park as a result of the level crossing removal project. The installation will be in place until April 2018.

To assist us in understanding more about your experience of Harmony Tree please follow this link to an online survey

Please note that all questions are optional and you can answer as many or little as you like, however your input would be greatly valued by the artist.

Visit artist Jasmine Grace's website for more information