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Help Shape the Future of Parkfield Reserve

Help us shape the future of Parkfield Reserve by commenting on the Draft Master Plan.

Tell us what you like about this plan and what you don’t like. Tell us your top three priorities from the ideas listed on the plan.

Key themes in the Master Plan

  • Plant more trees to provide more shady areas and enhance the visual amenity of the park
  • Improvements to the sports club facilities, sports fields and practice nets
  • Improvements to the existing path network for walkers and cyclists
  • Improvements to the playground and social sports spaces for children and youth
  • Potential for fitness stations
  • Provide more park amenities such as picnic facilities, seating and drinking fountains
  • Support for all ages recreation and play

How to have your say

1. Our Say - Participate in an online forum

  • Click on the 'Get Involved' button below
  • Create an account
  • Post your idea or comment
  • Vote for your favourite ideas (7 votes per user)

2. Email - Send your idea or comment to