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Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens

Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens

Exhibition Call Out: Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens

Call for exhibition proposals

The City of Greater Dandenong is seeking applications from artists, community groups and community agencies who are interested in staging exhibitions at Heritage Hill in 2018.

Art based exhibitions are invited to celebrate belonging and participation in the community.

Four exhibition timeslots are available at Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens in 2018, they are:

  • 24 July 2018 - 24 August 2018
  • 4 September 2018 - 5 October 2018
  • 16 October 2018 - 16 November 2018
  • 22 November 2018 - 21 December 2018

Please note there is no guarantee that the City of Greater Dandenong can offer your first choice of preferred time slot.

About Heritage Hill Museum and Gardens

Heritage Hill offers an opportunity for artists and community groups to exhibit community exhibitions in a unique and historic setting in the heart of Dandenong. The site features three buildings of historical significance and two acres of landscapes historic gardens.

Laurel Lodge (1869), Benga (1936) and St James Anglican Church (1864) survive as fine examples of mid-19th and early 20th century architecture and offer an insight into the social, cultural, built and natural heritage of Melbourne’s South-Eastern region.

Address: 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong (also accessible from Langhorne Street)
Phone: 9793 4511

Heritage Hill opening hours

Tuesday to Friday, 10am-4pm


Heritage Hill Exhibition Spaces

The exhibition spaces available for hire include the Langley Gallery, the Master Bedroom and the Hall space.

Please note: all measurements are approximate hanging track heights vary throughout the building, please speak to staff to obtain measurements.

The Langley Gallery

Room features include:

  • total floor space 43m2
  • total wall lineage 15.5m
  • aluminium gallery track hanging system
  • track system halogen spotlights with dimmers on three separate circuits
  • natural light
The Langley Gallery 1

The Master Room

This space is ideal for small, intimate installations.

Room features include:

  • total floor space 20m2
  • total wall lineage 10.5m
  • aluminium gallery track hanging system
  • track system halogen spotlights with dimmer
  • some natural light

The Master Room

Hall Space

Features include:

total wall linage 10.5m

  • aluminium gallery track hanging system
Hall space 1 Hall space 2


Services provided to Gallery hirers

Heritage Hill exhibitions commence on a Thursday and conclude on a Friday.

Services include:

  • professional installation assistance
  • curatorial advice
  • after hours alarm protection and security
  • gallery staff to supervise the exhibition Tuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm
  • staff support for launch (one launch per exhibition), use of wine glasses

Promotional Services include:

  • listing in Art Almanac
  • media release, written and circulated in a timely manner
  • exhibitions listing on the City of Greater Dandenong website and The Hive Facebook page
  • a list of works or a catalogue, produced from information supplied by the exhibitor
  • invitations to the launch and information about the exhibition promoted to database

Commissions on sales

A 25 per cent commission is charged on sales of artworks. Council will maintain all record of sales and provide a list of works sold at the conclusion of the exhibition.

Application process

To apply complete the application form provided below. 

Proposals are due on or before Wednesday 4 April 2018.

Enquiries should be directed to Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre on 03 9706 8441. It is recommended that interested parties phone Walker Street Gallery for an appointment to view the Heritage Hill exhibition space.

Selection process

The selection process is competitive. Our galleries currently receive more applications than can be accommodated in our annual schedule. The submission of an application does not ensure a place in our exhibition program.

The assessment of the exhibition applications is undertaken by the Exhibitions Committee. Applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application by 27 April 2018.

Priority will be given to proposals that have local relevance (artist lives, works or studies within South Eastern Melbourne) OR whose exhibition demonstrates a connection to Greater Dandenong and/or its communities

Terms and conditions

1. Selection of artworks

The Gallery reserves the right to refuse to display work which may bring the gallery or the City of Greater Dandenong into disrepute or which is deemed unsuitable to display for health or safety reasons.

2. The Exhibitor agrees to:

  • deliver, assemble and remove the exhibition on the agreed dates. If you are not able to do so personally please make alternative arrangements
  • pay costs of transporting works to and from gallery and any associated insurance
  • work with all parties in installing the exhibition
  • the Gallery not being responsible for the removal, packing and handling of artwork before or after exhibitions
  • supply the Gallery with digital images of each artwork to be exhibited (1MB maximum per image JPEG). Title each file with the name of the work, the size and medium. These may also be linked to your website
  • arrange and pay for promotion beyond the standard advertising inclusions in consultation with gallery staff
  • provide all written information required in electronic format for administrative purposes in accordance with the time-frames specified
  • take home packing and any artworks not hung as we do not have storage facilities
  • arrange and pay for the provision of catering for the opening night
  • provide a guest speaker at the opening function (optional)
  • provide insurance for all works associated with the exhibition (optional at the exhibitors risk. )
  • restore gallery to pre-exhibition condition

3. Conditions of exhibiting

There are a number of conditions for artists wanting to exhibit works in the exhibition spaces. These have been developed to ensure the quality and consistency of all exhibitions. If you have any queries regarding any of the conditions, please contact the gallery.

  • Council reserves the right for final artwork selection decisions for all exhibitions
  • The final hang of the exhibition needs to be approved by the venue
  • All work exhibited must be original
  • The venue will not permit the exhibition to feature works which are unfinished or wet or deemed a risk to the gallery or its users
  • All work must be professionally presented, framed and/or ready to hang complete with hanging wires, or the like, securely attached
  • All promotional material must be approved by the gallery prior to printing and circulation
  • The exhibitor will not infringe or breach any copyright, performing right or other protected right involved in the hiring of the venue and shall indemnify Council against all claims, demands or actions arising from any such infringements or breach
  • Heritage Hill Museum and Gardens staff will exercise reasonable care whilst works are on display at the gallery
  • Applicants are encouraged to provide their own insurance cover for their exhibition
  • One day will be assigned for the collection of art works
  • Management reserves the right to take photographs of the exhibitor’s art works for publicity or promotional purposes
  • Heritage Hill Museums and Gardens permits audiences to photograph art work and exhibitions for personal purposes.
  • Functions may be held in gallery during all exhibitions

4. Occupational Health and Safety

  • The Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring the safe installation and dismantling of the exhibition
  • Any hazard, incident or injury should be reported to Venue staff immediately
  • Council reserves the right to immediately remove any object/item or call for installation/dismantle to be ceased if it is deemed to be an OH&S risk to the public, employees, contractors, clients or volunteers of the Venue

5. Sales

  • EFTPOS transactions are catered for
  • All purchasers are provided with a receipt as proof of purchase
  • Work will not be available for collection until after the exhibition closes
  • All sales of artwork during the exhibition are to be handled by the Gallery
  • All items sold must remain on display for the duration of the exhibition
  • No discounting of prices
  • Once artwork is sold money and artwork remain in the custody of the Gallery
  • The Gallery will hand the purchased work to the purchaser upon final payment
  • The artist may only take sold works for delivery with written permission from the purchaser
  • For sold artworks that require packing the artist must arrange packing at the Gallery before purchaser pick up
  • A statement of sales will be provided at the completion of the exhibition
  • The balance after the deduction of commission will be forwarded to the artist
  • The Gallery takes no responsibility for transport costs of sold works

Hire Fees in 2018

Heritage Hill Museum and Gardens

Exhibitions (fee per month for individual use)*

Benga – The Langley Gallery, Master Bedroom, Hallway


Exhibitions (fee per month for community agency use)**

Benga – The Langley Gallery, Master Bedroom, Hallway


Exhibitions (fee per month for community group use)**

Benga – The Langley Gallery, Master Bedroom, Hallway



*A community group is considered as a not-for-profit or voluntary group that receives minimal or no funding to run group activities and programs. It includes groups deemed to be providing services to the local community, such as hobby clubs, cultural or social clubs.

**A community agency is considered as a not-for-profit organisation that receives funding to provide services. It includes government departments, agencies, schools and some community groups.

Call for exhibition proposals: Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens

Applicant details



Exhibition details



File Upload








1. I declare that I am authorised to apply for, and agree to the conditions for use of the Heritage Hill Museum and Gardens.

2. I acknowledge I have read the “Information for artists and exhibition applicants” including the Conditions for Exhibition document and agree that I shall be bound by the conditions as set out in these documents.

3. I agree to pay the City of Greater Dandenong all monies which may become payable should my application be approved.

4. Neither the Heritage Hill Museum and Gardens or the City of Greater Dandenong gives any undertaking that the venue is suitable for the purposes that the client envisages.

5. I acknowledge that I will exhibit the works at my own risk and that I need to arrange my own insurance.

6. The client must rely upon their own enquiries as to the compliance of the Heritage Hill Museum and Gardens with any law, regulation of by-law by Parliament or any authority for the purpose for which they wish to use the venue.




Please upload a zip folder containing your artwork images and CV.

To do this:

  • Create a folder on the desktop of your computer and name it using your name
  • Place your labeled images into the folder
  • Place your CV into the folder
  • On a PC, right click on the folder, select Send To, select Compress Zip Folder
  • On a Mac, Control click on the folder, select Compress from the pop up menu

If you need assistance to create your Zip folder please contact Walker Street Gallery & Arts Centre on 03 9706 8441 or email us at