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All Abilities Playground - Ross Reserve

What is the all abilities playground?

Council is planning to build a new premier all abilities playground in Ross Reserve, Noble Park. The all abilities playground is being developed by Council in partnership with the Victorian Government. The Victorian Government has provided significant funding support for this project through Sport and Recreation Victoria.

The playground will be located between the Noble Park Community Centre and Noble Park Aquatic Centre, and will offer an inclusive experience for all. It will provide a play environment for a diverse range of children, youth and adults of all ages, sizes and abilities.

All people should have the ability to play and choose how they engage and challenge themselves physically, mentally and socially, regardless of their age or abilities. The term disability goes beyond those with visual and physical disabilities such as those who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids to more broadly include those people living with autism, sensory challenges, cognitive and developmental issues and complications that arise from aging.

Some children may have difficulty using or finding their way through a park or play area due to difficulties moving, seeing, reaching items, fitting into spaces, not being able to perform unaided physical tasks and not being able to use loose materials. Inclusion seeks to bring together the concepts of access, participation, equity and dignity to all users.

Council wants to create a play space that is fun, allows for exploration and challenging play, where they can take safe ‘play risks’ and let their imagination run wild. Participating and playing alongside friends and family in an inclusive environment will provide a relaxing and enjoyable social environment.

Stages of the Project

The first stage of the design process will involve background research and conversations with focus groups, while the second stage will involve working with the broader community. A face to face pop-up session will be held at the proposed location in late April.

If you are interested in being part of the conversation regarding the all abilities playground at Ross Reserve, please visit this website for a later announcement on how you can get involved or email us at to register your interest.


All Abilities Playground Consultation - Have your Say

Greater Dandenong is designing a new premier All Abilities Playground at Ross Reserve in Noble Park.

The All Abilities Playground is being developed by Council, in partnership with the Victorian Government who has provided significant funding support for this project through Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Council is seeking local community feedback on the All Abilities Playground consulation.

Read more information and have your say