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Reporting dumped syringes

Help keep our city safer by letting us know if you see syringes that have been left in public places.

You can get syringes cleaned up by reporting their location to the SEADS community syringe pick-up service on 1800 673 046 Leave a clear message with all your details and your call will be returned. Alternatively, you can call Council on 8571 1000.

Handling syringes safely

You can dispose of syringes in the sharps bin located at:

Needle stick injury

If someone is pricked or scratched by a used syringe, stay calm and access a first-aid kit to care for the wound:

  • wash gently with soap and water
  • do not squeeze or suck the wound
  • apply an antiseptic, such as iodine or dettol
  • put a band-aid over the wound
  • see your doctor within 24 hours to get advice on the risk of infection and your options.

For 24/7 confidential counselling and support for any drug-related concern, free call DirectLine on 1800 888 236.