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Have your say on the draft Greening Our City - Urban Tree Strategy 2018–28

Have your say on the draft Greening Our City - Urban Tree Strategy 2018–28

19 February 2018

Council currently have a street tree strategy known as “Leafy Legacy” which was developed in 2002. Council has drafted a new strategy “Greening Our City - Urban Tree Strategy 2018–28" and is seeking community feedback on this strategy.

The development of a new strategy required the following important steps:

  1. Strategy review
  2. Data collection and review
  3. Data interpretation
  4. Operational procedures review
  5. Internal stakeholder workshops and consultation
  6. Research of other similar strategies across local government and industry

The comprehensive work undertaken for each of these steps was necessary to develop this draft Strategy.

The draft Greening Our City - Urban Tree Strategy 2018–28 considers the current status, issues and opportunities for Council managed trees, namely the street and park trees within Greater Dandenong. The largest issue facing Council is that there is low canopy cover in its streets and parks to provide the benefits needed by the community, in particular shade. Greater Dandenong’s overall tree canopy is only 9.9% which is the lowest of all eastern and south eastern metropolitan Melbourne municipalities. The low tree canopy cover can be attributed to the large industrial areas across Greater Dandenong where there are relatively few trees and agricultural area to the south of Dandenong cleared of trees for farming.

Increased tree planting in the residential areas of the municipality will not only improve the overall canopy cover of the city but will provide benefit where it is most needed as well as enhancing the municipality’s already established streetscapes.            

The Strategy includes a tree replacement program necessary to increase the tree canopy cover and green our city with a range of suitable trees.

Council is seeking community feedback on the Greening Our City - Urban Tree Strategy 2018–28.

Download the draft Greening Our City - Urban Tree Strategy 2018–28

Free copies of the draft strategy can be requested via email


To have your say and/or to provide feedback on the Greening Our City - Urban Tree Strategy 2018–28:

  • Email your feedback and comments directly to

  • Alternatively, contact Council on 8571 1000 If you would prefer to speak directly with a Council representative about Greening Our City.

Comments are welcome until 19 March 2018.

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