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Tatterson Park Masterplan Implementation

Tatterson Park Masterplan Implementation

28 March 2018

The Tatterson Park Masterplan identifies a number of infrastructure upgrades at Tatterson Park in Keysborough. The Masterplan takes into consideration access arrangements and car parking, the impact of existing and future growth on demand for park facilities, the future expansion potential for Springers Leisure Centre and the ongoing pursuit and implementation of the parks stormwater treatment and harvesting.

Download Tatterson Park Draft Revised Master Plan

The two major projects currently underway are the construction of a synthetic soccer pitch, and the construction of the car park and access road (stage one).

The construction of the synthetic soccer pitch will increase the active open space available at the site. The pitch is being constructed immediately south of the Springers Leisure Centre and will provide a robust and all weather playing surface to cater for increasing demand for soccer. This project is currently underway with an expected completion in June 2018.

The construction of the access road and carpark will improve the traffic movements through the site and increase available parking. Stage one will provide a second access on the west side of the Springers Leisure Centre adjacent to the new synthetic soccer pitch. This project is currently underway with an expected completion in August 2018.    

It is expected that construction activities will cause some disruption to normal park use. Temporary fencing has been installed around the works areas and along truck routes within the site to exclude park users from potential conflicts with heavy machinery.

For more information regarding the synthetic soccer pitch construction, please contact Michael Smith, Open Space Projects Coordinator, on 8571 5264.

For more information regarding the access road and car park construction, please contact Stewart Pike, Civil Projects Coordinator, on 8571 1389.

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