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Dandenong's Boyd Lane Transformed

Dandenong's Boyd Lane Transformed

13 December 2018

Boyd Lane has undergone a bright transformation as part of Greater Dandenong’s Transformed temporary public art program.

The well-used thoroughfare connecting Lonsdale Street and Palm Plaza has been livened up by contemporary artist Brett Ashby who has created an installation titled ‘Boyd Lane’.

It is estimated almost 8500 people use the laneway each week, which means many people will be exposed to Ashby’s work.

The installation is inspired by colour and movement and features carefully placed blocks of primary and secondary colours on the façade and ground surface of the laneway.

Inspired by Dandenong’s history and status as a centre of commerce and trade, bold words complement the coloured blocks to provide a link to the story behind the naming of the lane.

Boyd Lane takes inspiration from Ashby’s work at the disused substation near Dandenong train station. ‘Cube Square’ was painted with the help of students from a local primary school and also uses block colours and bold words.

The Transformed program has added colour and vibrancy to Greater Dandenong’s activity centres, helping to reactivate spaces and make them feel safe and more welcoming.

About the artist: Brett Ashby is best known for his digital video, photographic and skateboarding works that capture and manipulate time, energy and motion.

Born in Melbourne Ashby has a Masters in Interactive Media and Animation. He has exhibited in and resided all over Europe, America, Asia and Australia since 2006, and currently splits his time between Melbourne and London. Visit  to read more about him.

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