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Seagull deterrent systems fact sheet
11 August 2017
In recent years there has been an increase in the number of seagulls nesting on buildings in urban areas, such as the central business district of Dandenong.
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Masonic Hall Redevelopment - Have your Say
22 November 2017
Residents are invited to have a say on Council’s proposal to transform the Masonic Hall in Dandenong into a state-of-the art gallery...
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Torres Strait Islander Flag flying high at the Dandenong Civic Centre
20 November 2017
On 13 November 2017, Council resolved to permanently fly the Torres Strait Islander flag on its third civic flag pole at the Dandenong Civic Centre alongside the Australian and Aboriginal flags...
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Introducing our new Mayor
17 November 2017
Lightwood Ward Councillor Youhorn Chea has been elected Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong for the fourth time...
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Walk Against Family Violence in Greater Dandenong
15 November 2017
The Greater Dandenong community will once again take to the streets next week in a united stand against family violence. Now in its fifth year the Walk Against Family Violence will be held on Tuesday, 21 November at 10.30am...
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Home - A Celebration of work by refugees and asylum seekers
08 November 2017
The Walker Street Gallery will host a series of new works commissioned from artists with a refugee or asylum seeker background. Home provides an opportunity to celebrate refugees and asylum seekers and their important contribution to Australia’s cultural and social fabric..
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Greater Dandenong's Sustainability Awards Launched for 2018
06 November 2017
Are you playing your part in helping Greater Dandenong become one of Australia’s most sustainable cities by 2030? If the answer is yes, then entries for the Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards are now open...


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