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NEWS: Council decisions

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Proposed Budget 2018-19 and Council Plan 2017-21
27 April 2018
At its Council meeting on Monday 23 April 2018, the City of Greater Dandenong adopted in principle the proposed Budget 2018-19, Council Plan 2017-21 and the Annual Plan 2018-19...
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Greater Dandenong Municipal Parking Strategy
03 July 2017
Council has drafted a Municipal Parking Strategy which outlines Council’s commitment to manage car parking to best suit the needs of the community...
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Removal of parking meters in the Springvale Central Activity District
15 March 2017
At the Council Meeting held on Monday 27 February 2017, councillors voted 7 to 4 to abolish parking fees in the Springvale Central Activity District, except for within the 8 Balmoral Car park (on-street parking throughout the centre and off-street parking in Warwick and Buckingham Avenues)...
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Changes to Traffic Management Plan Process
23 November 2016
The City of Greater Dandenong is making changes to the process of obtaining consent for traffic management works on local roads. From Monday 28 November 2016, Council will be charging a fee for assessing Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) and Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGSs) for works on local roads.
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Budget 2016-17 adopted
28 June 2016
The City of Greater Dandenong has adopted its 2016-17 Budget on Monday 27 June 2016, giving ratepayers a clear picture of how their rates will be spent this financial year.
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Free parking on Sundays at number 8 car park
08 December 2015
From Sunday 13 December 2015, visitors to Springvale can enjoy free parking on Sundays at the 'number 8' Balmoral Avenue multi-deck car park at 8 Balmoral Avenue, Springvale..


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