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Great Homes, Great Neighbourhoods, Amendment C182

Great Homes, Great Neighbourhoods, Amendment C182

Great Homes, Greater Neighbourhoods (Amendment C182 Part 1)

Following extensive analysis, community consultation, review by an independent planning panel and approval from the Minister for Planning, changes have been made to the residential planning rules to improve the quality and design of new housing (such as apartments and townhouses) and to make sure the right type of housing is built in the right place.

In August 2016, Council requested the Minister for Planning to approve changes to the Residential Planning Rules in the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme (these changes are known as Amendment C182).  


Current status

In November 2017, the Minister for Planning decided to approve most of the requested changes, except for all parts associated with the proposed Residential Growth Zone Schedule 3.

The amendment was partially approved and gazetted on 21 December 2017 as Amendment C182 Part 1.

Council is now proposing Amendment C213 which will implement the objectives of Amendment C182.  For further information, click here to visit the Planning Scheme Amendment C213 section of the website.

Background documents

In preparing Amendment C182, Council undertook an extensive review of its Residential Zones and engaged consultants Planisphere and SGS Economics & Planning to prepare the following technical planning and housing analysis reports:

  • The Greater Dandenong Planning Policy and Controls Project Final Report 2015 (PDF - 8.46MB) provides recommendations to improve the operation of planning policy and controls across all residential areas in the City of Greater Dandenong to ensure that they balance and achieve a variety of housing types that meet high amenity and design standards and accommodate expected population growth.

  • The Housing Analysis 2015 (PDF - 11MB) includes a housing gap analysis (supply and demand), market feasibility analysis and assessment of the potential impact of changing planning controls on the capacity of Greater Dandenong to accommodate a growing population. This analysis confirms that there is sufficient dwelling supply to meet future demand should the changes proposed by Amendment C182 be implemented. 

Council's resolution of 22 August 2016 provides further background information regarding Amendment C182 - click here to view the minutes of the Council meeting


Residential Design Guidelines

Council has now developed Residential Design Guidelines.

These guidelines have been created to ensure new housing makes a positive contribution to local neighbourhoods, and are good quality, well designed and comfortable places to live.

The guidelines will assist Council's planners in explaining to planning permit applicants and the community how to achieve well designed housing.

Download a copy of the Residential Design Guidelines (PDF - 877KB) or visit one of Council's Customer Service Centres to obtain a copy.


Further information

The Planning Panel Report and approved Planning Scheme Amendment documents are available from the Planning Scheme Amendments Online section of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) website

For enquiries relating to this amendment, please contact Council's Strategic Planning department on 8571 1000 or by email