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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Noble Park Structure Plan

The Noble Park Activity Centre Structure Plan is currently being reviewed and updated to:

  • reflect the findings of the additional strategic work completed for the activity centre
  • revisit the Vision Statement
  • set out a new long-term vision for the activity centre, including where and how land will be used and developed over the next 10-15 years
  • propose changes to the planning controls in the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme, including the rezoning of properties
  • identify where growth and change will occur
  • include a series of policies, strategies and actions for
    • improving retail activity, provide more jobs and entertainment
    • a transport network that is sustainable and transit supportive development
    • community facilities that respond to residents’ increasing needs
    • future housing that is diverse and sustainable
    • improved and well connected public open spaces
    • sustainable development
    • infrastructure that is sustainable
Urban design guidelines within the plan will ensure that new development is of a high standard in terms of architecture and appearance. The plan will encourage a more compact, liveable and sustainable activity centre, with new housing located close to public transport, local jobs and shopping choice. New residential and commercial buildings will be designed to include water and energy-efficient features and be part of the future for healthy urban environments.

The updated Noble Park Activity Centre Structure Plan will affect people in different ways:

  • Landowners - it will affect the planning controls that apply to your land
  • Residents - it includes proposals for better community facilities, transport, streets and public spaces
  • Developers - it will affect what you can build on a site
  • Business owners - it will affect where premises will be located and includes proposals to support local businesses

Download the Noble Park Activity Centre Structure Plan 2009