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Child Friendly City Greater Dandenong

Child Friendly City Greater Dandenong

The Kindergarten Offer Process

Confirmation of Details

  • In the year prior to starting kindergarten, applicants will be contacted in May to confirm application details, any change of preferred kindergartens, hours and session times. 

  • This information will assist in the allocation of first round offers and kindergarten session planning with service providers.

What happens?


Allocation of places will begin on 1 August, if you receive an offer you must contact the kindergarten within five working days to confirm your place.

1 August

The second round of allocation of places will begin on 1 September. If your child is not allocated a place in any of the two initial allocation rounds the Central Enrolment Officer will contact you directly to discuss your options.

1 September

 All offers that have been made will be sent out to the kindergarten service providers.  They will then contact parents to confirm your enrolment at their service.

1 October