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Stanley Road Reserve Keysborough Park Project

The City of Greater Dandenong is committed to the delivery of quality open space areas in its emerging communities. Stanley Road Reserve, Keysborough is a proposed local reserve to service the residents of Somerfield Estate. The southern portion of the reserve has already be installed by the developer delivering Somerfield Estate. The balance of the reserve is being delivered by the City of Greater Dandenong utilizing developer contributions.

Design Principles

Rest and Respite

The reserve will provide a significantly scaled open space, offering areas for various forms of passive recreation, physical exercise, play and informal gatherings.

Connections to Nature

The reserve adjoins recently constructed natural waterways, and will provide new native tree and shrub planting.

Movement and Circulation

Paths are provided to move through and around the reserve. A linear shared trail along the eastern side (waterway) provides a connection to the broader open space network.

Exercise and Play

A large local playground is provided catering for junior and senior play activities. The playground also provides limited nature based play opportunities. A basketball half court caters for older youth while an exercise station located on the shared trail connects to a broader fitness station system.

The large kick-a-bout space provides opportunity for unstructured/ social sports and activities.

Park Amenities

The proposed landscape works include a picnic shelter, electric BBQ, picnic tables and seating for gatherings. Rubbish bins and a drinking fountain are also provided.


Time frames

The southern portion of Stanley Road, Reserve has already been delivered by the responsible developer for that element of site. Built works included walking paths, an entrance arbour to the reserve, bosque of trees for shade, seating and formation of the kick-a-bout space.

The City of Greater Dandenong has also delivered an early works package for the balance area of the reserve. These works have included importation of fill to lift site levels and provide a base for reserve surface finishes and footpaths to provide connections through the reserve.

The City of Greater Dandenong has recently let construction contracts for the completion of outstanding landscape elements. Separately, these include reserve infrastructure and planting, as well as the installation of playground equipment.

It is anticipated to have the reserve constructed by the end of 2017.

Playground Design Elements

1. Rotating element - carousel or equivalent

2. Double swing - (1 infant seat and 1 strap seat)

3. Spring rider

4. See-saw ·minimum 4 seats (single unit)

5. Rotating element- swing or equivalent­ minimum 2 people

6. Free standing activity tower incorporating elements such as: integrated climbing nets or walls, platforms at different heights with rooves, climbing elements to reach platforms, fireman pole or similar, monkey bars, slide(s) suitable for the under 5-12 age group (Senior Unit)

7. Free standing activity tower incorporating elements such as: low platforms at different heights with rooves, climbing elements to reach platforms, slide(s) , sensory panels and role play panels such as shop front- suitable for the under 5 age group (Junior Unit)

8. Tree trunk/log steppers

9. Nature based play elements comprising of rocks and tree trunks in mounded grass area

If you have any comments or queries about this park concept please contact:
Mr Michael Smith
Coordinator Open Space Projects, City Improvement
T: 8571 5264
P: PO Box 200 Dandenong 3175