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Breanne Reserve Keysborough Playground

Following on from the community’s feedback on the proposal for a new local playground within Breanne Reserve Playground Council have taken on board your comments. Council are now planning to construct the new local playground early in 2018.

The 3D image of the playground below illustrates the playground equipment and activities that are being incorporated into the design. The new local playground for Breanne Reserve has been designed to encourage active, challenging, imaginative and social play for both younger and older children.


Playground Equipment

The playground equipment includes:

1. Play Activity Tower including:
• Double wide slide 1.2m high
• Caterpillar slide 800mm high
• Spider Net Climbing Frame
• Rope Nets and Ladders
• Firemans Pole
• Rockclimbing Wall
• Swiss ‘Circle’ climbing wall
• Rainbow climbing frame
• Platforms decks at different heights
2. Double swing (includes toddler swing)
3. Rotating carousel with handles
4. Turtle springer
5. Yabber springer with four seats
6. Climbing Hut
7. Flower tallk tubes
8. Clock Panel
9. Shop Front Panel

The playground will also be accompanied by other improvements including:

• A rubber surfaced access path to the swings and spinner.
• a picnic area with a picnic table, park seating and bike hoop
• New tree planting around the edge of the playground for shade and to enhance the amenity of this local park.

Construction of the new playground

This project is expected to be completed by the end of February.

 For all comments or queries about this park please contact:

By mail
Mr Michael Smith
Coordinator Open Space Projects
City Improvement
PO Box 200
Dandenong 3175


Telephone: 8571 5264