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Proposed New Neighbourhood Playground for Hidden Grove Reserve

 Playground Concept Objectives

The City of Greater Dandenong is planning to replace the existing old local playground with a larger new neighbourhood level playground at Hidden Grove Reserve, Hidden Grove Boulevard in Keysborough.  The plan presents our representation of what a neighbourhood level facility may look like.

The iconic coloured pencils will remain in the park.

Existing playground and 'pencil structure'


Aerial view on the playground location

Pencil Park Hidden Grove Reserve arial view


Key design objectives for the new playground are:

  • to encourage active, imaginative and social play for both younger and older children

  • to provide fun and challenging equipment

  • to have a strong visual relationship with the open grass area and picnic area

  • to include equipment of varying heights

  • to select some equipment that is themed with the wetland and natural elements of the park


Proposed new playground area

Hidden Grove Reserve new proposed playground

Ideas and Opportunities for the playground

The ‘concept ideas’ for the playground equipment that Council are considering as possible options for inclusion in the design of the playground are shown below.

Residents are invited to share their thoughts on the ‘playground equipment ideas’ presented in these images, as well as other suggestions that you may have. Any thoughts and suggestions may help inform the direction of the concept design and selection of the playground equipment.

To have your say click this link


Examples of different playground equipment  

Climbing structures and space nets 

Rope playhouse with space net and slide Rope cube with climbing wall and slide Climbing wall
Rope nest climbing tower with ladders and slide Integrated slides and climbing panels Integrated slide
Drawing of a climbing structure Climbing structure Example of a Climbing structure

Swings and rotating equipment

Rotating basket swing Double swing with basket swing Rotating playground equipment

Rope nest spinning and climbing wall

Rope nest spinning playground equipment Rope nest spinning playground equipment Climbing wall playground equipment

Rocking equipment 


Rocking playground equipment Rocking playground equipment Wooden balance playground equipment

Trampolines and tunnels

Monkey bars

Trampoline playground equipment Trampoline playground equipment Monkey bars playground equipment

Panels and playhouse

Panel playground equipment Playhouse playground equipment Playhouse playground equipment