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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Planning Scheme Amendment C213

Greater Dandenong has prepared Amendment C213 to the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme. This amendment proposes to implement the adopted objectives of Amendment C182 Residential Planning Rules.

Greater Dandenong City Council is the planning authority exhibiting the Amendment. 

The Amendment applies to residential land surrounding the Dandenong, Springvale and Noble Park Activity Centres formerly proposed to be rezoned to Schedule 3 to the Residential Growth Zone by Amendment C182 except for land currently zoned Schedule 2 to the Residential Growth Zone surrounding Noble Park Activity Centre.

Maps can be downloaded from the Amendment Documents section below.

What changes are proposed?

The Amendment will:

  • introduce a new Schedule 3 to the Clause 32.08 (General Residential Zone) for land in the Incremental Change – Transition Area;
  • rezone identified areas around our activities centres to General Residential Zone Schedule 3;
  • remove the minimum garden area requirement in the GRZ3; 
  • apply the default mandatory building height of 11 metres (3 storeys) in the GRZ3; and 
  • increase the minimum size of balconies from 8m2 to 10m2 and increasing the minimum width from 1.6m to 2m for those areas being rezoned from RGZ1 to GRZ3; and
  • reduce the minimum size of private open space from 50m2 to 40m2 with secluded part reduced from 30m2 to 25m2 (with the minimum dimension reduced from 5m to 3m) for those areas being rezoned from GRZ1 to GRZ3.

For further information click here to download the Amendment C213 Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions.


Amendment documents

Amendment C213 Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF - 1.16MB)

Amendment C213 Notice of the Preparation of an Amendment (PDF - 56KB)

Amendment C213 Explanatory Report (PDF - 67.9KB)

Amendment C213 Instruction Sheet (PDF - 61KB)

Amendment C213 Clause 21.03 (PDF - 4.4KB)

Amendment C213 Clause 21.04 (PDF - 5.94MB)

Amendment C213 Clause 22.09 (PDF - 3.5MB)

Amendment C213 Schedule 3 to Clause 32.08 (PDF - 100KB)

Amendment C213 Planning Scheme Map 1 (PDF - 1.3MB)

Amendment C213 Planning Scheme Map 4 (PDF - 1.15MB)

Amendment C213 Planning Scheme Map 5 (PDF - 1.91MB)

Amendment C213 Planning Scheme Map 6 (PDF - 1.41MB)

Amendment C213 Submission Form (PDF - 331KB)


Council Resolution

At the Ordinary meeting of Council on 12 August 2019, Council resolved to (see Minute 1142):

  1. receive all submissions made in response to the statutory exhibition of Planning Scheme Amendment C213 to the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme
  2. adopt the position on the submissions, as set out in this report, with no change to the amendment
  3. request the Minister for Planning appoint a Panel pursuant to Section 153 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to consider the submissions received in response to exhibition of Amendment C213, and
  4. advise all submitters accordingly. 


Current status

A two-day Panel Hearing has been scheduled as follows;

Day 1: Tuesday 15 October - 10am - 2.50pm

Day 2: Wednesday 16 October - 10am - 12.35pm

Venue: Committees Room, Drum Theatre, corner of Lonsdale and Walker Streets, Dandenong

If you would like a copy of the Timetable and Directions, please contact Planning Panels Victoria on 8392 5115.

At the request of Planning Panels Victoria, Council is making available the Peer Review of Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme Amendment C213 (formerly C182, Part 2) prepared by Ethos Urban (May 2019).


Where you may inspect the Amendment

The Amendment documents can be inspected free of charge at any one of Council’s Customer Service Centres or visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) website at

Further information

For enquiries relating to this amendment, please contact Council's Strategic Planning department on 8571 1000 or email

For more information relating to Amendment C182, click here to visit the Great Homes, Greater Neighbourhoods Amendment C182 section of Council's website.