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Building Report and Consent

What is a report and consent?

The Building Regulations prescribe a number of matters that enable public authorities to have a say about issues connected with building work. Councils are given the power to consent (or refuse it) to certain designs affecting public infrastructure and amenity. They also issue reports on stormwater outlets associated with building work.

The prescribed reporting matters dealt with by Council are:

  • Reg. 73  Maximum street setback

  • Reg. 74 Minimum street setback

  • Reg. 75 Building height

  • Reg. 76 Site coverage

  • Reg. 77 Permeability

  • Reg. 78 Car parking spaces

  • Reg. 79 Side and rear boundary setbacks

  • Reg. 80 Walls and carports on boundaries

  • Reg. 81 Daylight to existing habitable room windows

  • Reg. 82 Solar access to existing north-facing habitable room windows

  • Reg. 83 Overshadowing of recreational private open space

  • Reg. 84 Overlooking

  • Reg. 85 Daylight to habitable room windows

  • Reg. 86 Private open space

  • Reg. 87 Siting of Class 10a buildings

  • Reg. 89 Front fence height

  • Reg. 90 Fence setback from side and rear boundaries

  • Reg. 91 Fences on or within 150 mm of side or rear boundaries

  • Reg. 92 Fences on intersecting street alignments

  • Reg. 94 Fences and daylight to habitable room windows in existing dwelling

  • Reg. 95 Fences and solar access to existing north-facing habitable room windows

  • Reg. 96  Fences and overshadowing of recreational private open space

  • Reg. 97 Masts, poles etc. 

  • Reg. 109 Projections beyond street alignment

  • Reg. 116 Protection of the public

  • Reg. 130 Report and consent for building over easements (consent from South East Water may also be required)

  • Reg. 132 Report and consent for septic tank systems

  • Reg. 134 Building above or below certain public facilities

  • Reg. 153 Report and consent for buildings in areas liable to flooding

  • Reg. 154 Report and consent for construction on designated land or designated works


Where do I go from here?

As you can see, there are a lot of issues to be considered with assessment of a building permit application. The number increased dramatically with the adoption of ResCode measures of the Regulations.  For most designs however there will be few, if any, issues that will actually require consent and report. Building surveyors, architects and other specialists who use these provisions regularly should be able to advise if your ideas or designs require consent and report.

Report and Consent Applicaton Form (PDF - 196KB)