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Greater Dandenong's state election wishlist

01 October 2014

With the November State Government Election fast approaching there are a number of key issues facing the Council and the City of Greater Dandenong community that require State Government support and advocacy.

Council is committed to addressing all the key economic, health and wellbeing challenges currently facing the City of Greater Dandenong to ensure the very best outcomes for visitors, workers and residents.

Council cannot do this alone and needs the support of the State Government to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for our community.  State Government recognition and support for Council is critical to a prosperous future for Greater Dandenong, the south-east region and more broadly Victoria.

Greater Dandenong’s role in providing the employment, business, transport and education infrastructure for the south-east region of Melbourne has never been more important than it is today.

It is vital that key infrastructure development keeps up with population growth in this region and the changing needs of our community.

Council has committed considerable capital and operational resources to building and supporting a vibrant and dynamic community.  We are looking to a very positive future built on harmony, strength, tolerance and diversity.

Council recognises the significant support for Greater Dandenong through the work of Places Victoria and significant investments by previous governments. However, there is much more to be done.

The attached advocacy document outlines the key issues that Council believes require State Government buy-in and support. This is based on Council’s close understanding of the local community it represents, as well as the needs and aspirations of business, industry and our residents.

Download State Election Issues Advocacy document 9PDF - 3.19MB)

Summary of advocacy topics:

  • Lyndhurst landfill: Council is calling on parties and candidates to commit to closing the site and, until this
    required outcome is achieved, that further actions be taken immediately to minimise any environmental impact.
  • Level crossing removals: Calls to remove all five remaining level crossings in Greater Dandenong, with the Abbotts Road crossing a top priority.
  • Buses: Calls for improved integrated bus services to assist workers in the Dandenong South industrial area
    and families in the new estates in Keysborough South to have better access to improved public transport
  • Funding squeeze: Pressure is growing on local government due to cost shifting from the state and federal governments – which has impacted on key community services including libraries, kindergartens and maternal and child health services – reductions in grants and a proposal to cap Council rates.
  • New arrivals: Extra funding is needed to help local agencies deal with growing demands for help from newly
    arrived migrants.
  • Key social issues: Council is calling for a cap on the number of gaming machines in our community, plus extra funding to address the impacts of family violence and alcohol abuse on our community.
  • Youth skills and employment: Council is calling for increased TAFE funding to help support training for local young people to better prepare them for employment.
  • Local economy: Calls for greater funding, support and initiatives to support our local industry.


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