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Commuters Count Campaign

Commuters Count Campaign

28 June 2017

Public transport is crucial to the growth and wellbeing of our communities. The Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) strives to give commuters in Melbourne’s east access to safe and convenient public transport modes with frequent and reliable services.

Commuters Count is an Eastern Transport Coalition campaign aiming to increase funding for, and accelerate the delivery of significant public transport projects in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are asking for the basics: transport that meets the needs of commuters and reduces our impact on the environment.

The initiatives  are crucial to the eastern region’s growing business opportunities, thriving job market, clean air and liveable communities. Through the Eastern Transport Coalition, you can be part of our movement to expand and improve public transport in Melbourne’s east by spreading our message:

‘Residents in Melbourne’s east deserve access to a convenient, affordable, reliable and safe public transport system.’
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Use the hashtags #Springst and #Commuterscount.

About the Eastern Transport Coalition

The Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC) consists of Melbourne’s seven eastern metropolitan councils; City of Greater Dandenong, Knox City Council, Manningham City Council, Maroondah City Council, City of Monash, City of Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges Shire Council. 

The ETC was formed because local Councils saw that the region’s planned transport infrastructure and services were inadequate to accommodate for expected population growth.

The group consists of councillors and strategic transport planning officers to ensure the communities’ needs are translated into policy initiatives that can deliver strategic and viable infrastructure options.

They have proposed 50 projects that will reduce congestion, improve the environment and get commuters to their destinations safely and on time.

Train and Tram:

More and more people are using trams and trains in the ETC region. Unfortunately, both trains and trams can provide unreliable and crowded services and serious delays. The ETC is concerned that many of our residents will choose private travel if better rail and tram isn’t provided to the eastern suburbs, worsening our already congested roads. ETC’s suggested train & tram projects include rail and tram line extensions to serve burgeoning communities in Doncaster, Knox and the Monash region, further level crossing removals, rail fleet and signalling upgrades and improved frequency of services.


Infrequent bus services and poor planning around bus routes has resulted in underutilisation of buses in the east despite increasing traffic congestion. ETC’s suggested bus projects range between larger projects such as a Bus Rapid Transit service on the Eastern Freeway and bus interchange upgrades at rail stations, but also smaller projects such as safer access to bus stops and improved bus service frequency.


With Melbourne’s trams and buses relying on a functional road network, the ETC recognises roads as a key feature of a working public transport system. ETC’s suggested road projects have been assessed to ensure they meet several sustainable objectives. Some of our priority projects require road extensions and upgrades, others go to how we can allocate road space to assist public transport on our road network.

Walking and Cycling:

Walking and cycling are used for both transport and recreational activities and the construction of safe and convenient off-road shared use paths provide significant opportunities for all community members, particularly those using mobility devises. ETC’s suggested walking and cycling projects range from new works such as a bridge across the Yarra River at Banksia Park and the completion of the Melbourne Water Pipe Track from Syndal to Mitcham, through to upgrade programs that provide better lighting and signage on our paths.

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