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Local gambling losses hit record levels

Local gambling losses hit record levels

02 August 2018

For many years, Council has strongly urged State and Federal Governments to reform the way gambling is conducted, to ease the enormous burden of such its losses upon our community.

Council is also an active participant in the Alliance for Gambling Reform, an organisation in which councils, community groups, and residents work together to bring about reform.

Figures released by the State Government in late July, show losses to pokies (or electronic gaming machines) in Greater Dandenong rose to $121.4 million.

That’s the largest amount ever recorded in Greater Dandenong, and equals an average of $333,000 per day. Losses per adult in this municipality reached $958 in 2017/18 - the highest rate in Victoria.

One in six adults in Greater Dandenong gamble on the pokies, losing an average of one-fifth of their income – the highest level in Victoria. Many people, often on low incomes, persistently lose more money than they can afford, with the result that they and their families live in severe financial hardship.

Effects of gambling upon local residents include depression, excessive alcohol or other drug use, decreased attendance and productivity at work, bankruptcy, crime, family conflict and violence, and even homelessness. Gambling causes enormous harm for individuals and families in this community.

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