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Booking a computer or gaming console at the Springvale or Dandenong Library:

  • Children under 10 years old must have direct supervision by parent/guardian and use their own library card
  • Users must have a valid library card and pin number to book
  • Computer bookings can be made in the libraries from the dedicated PC booking terminals or walk-up bookings at available computers
  • Gaming console can be booked directly with library staff
  • Bookings can be made for a maximum of two hours per day


Conditions of use

To ensure that the library computer and gaming console areas are welcoming to all users please make sure to follow the conditions of use, as well as any instructions given by library staff.

  • Patrons must comply with staff directives in the interests of fairness and smooth running of the service.

  • Access is only available via a Greater Dandenong Libraries membership card. To become a library member, simply visit Springvale or Dandenong library and show photo identification that contains your name and current residential address. It is free to join the Library.

  • To book or use a computer, user will need to have their own library card at the time of use.

  • Guardians/Parents of children under 18 years of age are solely responsible for their child’s use of content, information or services accessed and must have guardian/parent permission to use the library internet.

  • Children under 10 must have direct supervision by parent/guardian and use their own library card.

  • Material displayed on the screen must be appropriate for a public library setting.

  • Internet users are responsible for abiding by all copyright, censorship and other relevant laws and legislation when accessing and or printing materials from the internet.

  • Internet users must not access or transmit any material of an offensive or derogatory manner.

  • Copyright owners are entitled to take legal action against persons who infringe their copyright.

  • Users are fully responsible under the Copyright Act 1968.

  • The library takes no responsibility for any virus or equipment failure or data loss.

  • Users must agree to observe all applicable Federal, State and Local laws.

  • All bookings may be made up to two hours per day. If you are 10 minutes late for your booking, your session will be automatically cancelled.

  • Gambling is not permitted.

  • Printing costs are non refundable.


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